Let me introduce you to my life-sized Juliette Low. 'She" is a mixed media sculpture. Feel free to ask questions.

Juliette Low at Girl Scout First Headquarters

Juliette Low in contemporary uniform.

After over a year of doing nothing but watercolors, I needed to do a 'little' sculpting. I decided to try and create a full sized (more or less) Juliette Low. She is now on loan to Girl Scout First Headquarters, having passed approval.

'Juliette Low' sits patiently viewing FHQ, where they hope to set up a special exhibit for her. In the meanwhile, 'she' currently sits at a desk greeting visitors. My aim was to recreate the feeling of the early days, when Juliette would go to FHQ for tea parties to visit local Girl Scouts when she was in Savannah.

I show her here, mostly finished wearing a Norfolk-less jacket, 1920's look and in the current uniform. I plan to try on and shot photos of as many of my collection of Girl Scout Leader's uniforms as will fit, and will display them in the future on my Girl Scout site.

I now have a new set of cards featuring 6 well known Girl Scout locations: First Headquarters; the Juliette Low gate behind FHQ (seen here); Juliette Low's birthplace; the side gate there with the horse head; Edith Macy Conference Center; and the Great Hall.

They are available through First Headquarters/Girl Scouts of Savannah Council. See card link to the right for more info.. These are not official. They are 5 x 7 inches, a suitable size for framing (see tips here!!!).

Want to see more? Follow the Scouting artwork link down below....

First Headquarters also has other merchandise (a canvas bag, a small drawing journal...) using my artwork on hand, contact them if you are interested ...


5 x 7 cards of 6 well-known Girl Scout®locations.

Merana's Art Gallery is a past GSUSA "official licensed vendor".
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Also: A "Scouting Memories" (Boy Scouts) poster is available, too.

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