The poster is made from a 29" round watercolor on illustration board. It took approximately 5 weeks. I have been a collector for a few years, and this is my 31st year as a member of Girl Scouts. I primarily used items from my collection; the "Girl Scout Collector's Guide" and handbooks for reference; and help from other enthusiasts online.

The center stars are Lady B-P and Juliette Low , the central image is composed of pins and badges from Scouts and Guides around the world.
The trefoil is composed of US interest patches starting in the lower left side of the base and cronologically proceeding up and around.

I have used the fact that collectors like theirs autographed to raise money for local Girl Scout groups. I have charged $5 per signature with ALL of it going to the girls, currently over $3000 with around $250 staying with Vero Beach Girl Scouts, a bit to Citrus Council, and about $1250 going to FHQ when I am/wasin Savannah, GA.

Please Note: This is a LIMITED EDITION. Only 5000 of these were printed, when they are sold, I will NOT be reprinting them.

It is now in a 24" poster for sale. They were officially licensed by Girl Scouts® from 2000-2004; and the Girl Scout name, mark, Trefoil design, and all associated insignias and designs are owned exclusively by Girl Scouts of the United States.
Posters are $15 each (DOES NOT include shipping and handling), with bulk order prices available.

Please email ME with questions or orders.

Snail mail:
Merana Cadorette
P.O. Box 690445
Vero Beach, FL 32969-0445

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Posters are now also available in:

1st Headquarters, 330 Drayton St.Savannah, GA;

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