Introducing a new, 8.5” x 11” coloring book…30 pages of line drawings and information about Juliette Gordon Low along with places related to her and Girl Scouts.

Information in this book comes from sources as diverse as the archives at Girl Scout First Headquarters; “Juliette Low and the Girl Scouts” (1928); an assortment of old handbooks; “Lady from Savannah”; to new resources like online sites and some local Georgia historians.

This book has something for ages from older Brownies on up.

“She never went to college, but she never stopped learning. She never had children, so she started a program for girls who became as daughters to her. She had an unhappy marriage, was deaf, and lived the last years of her life with cancer, but she never let anything stand in her way of enjoying life and trying in spite of numerous and often hilarious failures to make the world a better place. Her family and friends treasured her quick wits, humor, intelligence, and creativity.

On March 12th, 1912, Juliette Gordon Low brought Lord Baden Powell’s great game of Scouting from England back home to Savannah, adapting it for the girls of America. She was a world traveler before airplanes made things faster and easier. She went up the pyramids and down the Nile; took art classes in Paris; met Queen Victoria and lived in London; hiked over Scottish hills and through the glens; visited friends that lived in many of the major cities of the United States and the world. She was equally happy in tents or castles, and historic Georgia was where she always called home."

If you’d like, you can add your own color and artistic touch to these pictures of her and some of these places in the Savannah area that were special to her in her life, and memory.”

Books are $8.95 each.

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A donation from sales of these books will go to Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia:
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