A long time ago, in a state far from where I live now, I made the series of statues gallery on the following pages. As is my policy when I sculpt a living person, I sent copies to the original models. Both "Bantha Tracks" and "Starlog Magazine" were kind enough to print articles on them.

    Although they were made over ten years ago, I've put them here to give you an idea of some of my older work, and the kind of fanatical detail I'm sometimes capable/guilty of. If you have a JAVA capable browser go here. There are 3 different ones than the above gallery.

    Since then, I've expanded the size, and materials I sculpt with. I very seldom wotk this small and delicately, but with a new trilogy coming out, and new characters, I could be tempted...

    Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker fan? Want to see what you can do with a quote, cheesy mass produced autographed pic, and an artistic license ? This is also the place for a few more SW jokes...

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